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Cold War, Warm Hearts

A Travel Memoir

Where were you in 1966?

 Most of Bridget Ashton’s friends, in their early twenties, were settling down with jobs and/or husbands…

 She, on the other hand, was wandering the highways and byways of Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia, behind the Iron Curtain. Travelling in these countries with virtually no money was not only a problem but also an opportunity. It enabled a rare, and deep insight into the lives and experience of ‘ordinary’ people.

Here’s your opportunity to walk with her. In the context of the current crisis in Eastern Europe, it offers a powerful insight into the lived experience which lies behind it.

Recounting her tales with the freshness of a young person’s vision, she has created an appealing tale of these beautiful and troubled countries, where most of the time, she was welcomed with open arms.

"Bridget Ashton's travel writing is utterly authentic and restlessly curious. She is an intrepid, 'unquiet' woman adventurer, exploring in the grand tradition of Celia Fiennes and Freya Stark. Her memoir of life in post-war Soviet Europe is a vivid reminder of how much Europe has changed; and how much it has not."

Max Adams


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