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TIDELINES is an anthology of commissioned poems, illustrations and photographs from artists and photographers.

Each contributed without payment, in the cause of preserving Northumberland’s heritage and, by implication, the heritage of the entire British Isles.

Local and nationally acclaimed poets began to send works which piled up on the Druridge Bay Campaign office desk. Some were from the most influential voices in modern verse. We even received a letter of encouragement from the Pope John Paul ll, who allowed us to include this: “Our future on this planet exposed as it is to nuclear annihilation depends on one single factor – humanity must make a moral about-face.”

Michael Kirkup, editor of TideLines


Druridge Bay Campaign



ALL boOkS 1991 ~ 2021

~ Most of the books are available to purchase online

~ Some are available in Morpeth Chantry and some via the Greater Morpeth Development Trust

~ Please contact Bridget for further details
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