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Power at Bay

Power at Bay explains how ordinary people, after almost two decades, succeeded against powerful opponents, the nuclear industry and Ready Mixed Concrete.

By 1989, plans for two or more nuclear power stations to be built at Druridge Bay, a local beauty spot, were postponed by the government.  But the land remained in the hands of Nuclear Electric, and so the campaign continued – Give us our Land Back.  

At the same time, campaigners tackled RMC, Ready Mixed Concrete, who were removing sand from the beach by the lorry load.  Sit-ins on the beach, bringing King Canute and his queen and serfs to London to RMC’s annual shareholders’ meeting, stopping the lorries: there was a non-stop campaign to embarrass the company.  

By the end of 1996, both campaigns won the day.  

“This book is a vivid illustration of ‘people power’ in action. Students of contemporary British politics will find it a compelling account. It brings to life the cut and thrust of a protest campaign, and reveals the passion, doggedness and inventiveness of ordinary people in their struggle against powerful commercial interests. Furthermore, by carefully distilling the experience and knowledge gained by the Druridge Bay Campaign, the book provides a useful guide for other budding protest groups.” Dr Rob Baggett – Reader in Public Policy, De Montfort University

Dr Rob Baggett – Reader in Public Policy, De Montfort University


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