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The Drovers are Coming to Morpeth Town

With a hoo hoo, the drovers came across the hills to Morpeth’s market for hundreds of years. They brought their cattle and sheep along ancient routes from Scotland and through Northumberland.

This book takes readers along with them, across the Cheviot and Simonside hills, through heather and grassland, along flowery lanes, and at the end to the butchers in the back alleys of the market town.

The author follows the landscape as the drovers saw it, dodging the turnpike roads, fording the streams, and meeting the people who lived along the way.  Three routes from Scotland are here for you to experience, on foot, by bicycle or from the comfort of your armchair.  Route maps, photographs and drawings enrich the journey. Renowned historical artist Victor Ambrus has re-created droving scenes with original illustrations.  An almost forgotten part of our history comes alive in this book.

'Bought this as a gift and nearly snatched it back. It is a tremendous advertisement for the area, as it tells the story of the soon to be forgotten origin of Morpeth as a meat market town, highlighting as it does the drover trails. Anyone interested should read this and her other work. Both are excellent and well researched!'

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Illustrations by Victor Ambrus, the UK’s most beloved historical artist, who died in February 2021.


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