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Generating Pressure

“An atomic power station? It can’t be true!”  Plans for one in your favourite beauty spot have just been revealed.  What do you do?

In 1979, the people of the North East  were appalled to learn that unspoiled, windswept Druridge Bay in Northumberland was to be the site of nuclear power stations.

Photocopying and licking down envelopes; phone calls on old-fashioned landlines, posting newsletters, typing out press releases one electric typewriters – all the rage – and posting or sending by fax to the local newspapers and TV stations.  That was campaigning in the 1980s.  

No social media, email or Facebook.  We were out in the streets and at the bay, in Northumberland and at the House of Commons. Journalists from the local papers were our pals, and the TV reporters knew us well.  And we succeeded.  The Central Electricity Generating Board’s plans to have nuclear power stations at Druridge Bay were halted in 1989, on the same day that the Berlin Wall came down. We certainly generated pressure! This book tells the story of how we did it.

“There’s a lot to be learned about the nature of citizen protest and the dynamics of mobilising individuals and whole communities in the art of exerting democratic pressure."

Jonathon Porritt


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