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The Mysteries of Morpeth's Workhouse

It was there once, huge and dominating, towering over the River Wansbeck and the famous stepping stones. But now, Morpeth’s workhouse has disappeared.

Not only has the building gone, with its sorrowful memories, but nearly all the documentation has been destroyed too.  Was there a sense of shame, a feeling that this part of Morpeth’s history was best forgotten?

In this book, the reader accompanies the author in the search for information.  Piece by piece, the mysterious gaps are tackled, and we learn what went on behind those closed doors.

Once a significant part of life in the town, Morpeth’s union workhouse finally disappeared in a cloud of dust in 1951.  Without this book, the unfortunate people who found themselves inside its walls might be forgotten for ever.  

"Bridget has shone the spotlight on the hidden history of the town’s former workhouse which for more than a century provided basic shelter for the area’s most destitute and needy residents. It provided basic accommodation for the elderly and infirm, unmarried mothers and their children, and tramps passing through the town. "

Dave Black, The Journal

Illustrations by Victor Ambrus, the UK’s most beloved historical artist, who died in February 2021.


Greater Morpeth Development Trust



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