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The Curious Yards and Alleyways of Morpeth

Slums, or a lost world heritage site?  The notorious yards and alleyways of Morpeth have almost gone.  Almost, but not quite.

This new history exposes their origin, in the hazy distant times of the Norman barons with their local wives; when the French speaking conquerors established new Morpeth on the furrows made by the ox plough teams.  In the middle ages, armies marched through the town.  People lived crowded together in the slums of the nineteenth century.  

Some of the curious yards and alleyways remain, and the author, who lives in one of the yards, maintains that their boundaries should be preserved with as much care and devotion as the ramparts of Northumberland’s hillforts, or the mounds of lost medieval villages, or the drove roads which cross the Cheviots.

'Bridget has an excellent ability to portray accurately, the real lives of the people of her chosen subject. In my lunchbreaks l would cross reference Bridget's book, with where I was walking in the town' 'Just what I wanted...tells the history of the most important part of Morpeth without glamour and gives insight where none was before'

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Illustrations by Victor Ambrus, the UK’s most beloved historical artist, who died in February 2021.


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