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Newminster: Monks, Shepherds & Charters

Once upon a time, on the edge of Morpeth, in the heart of Northumberland, there was a monastery. Over the course of four hundred years, Newminster grew, thrived, suffered and finally perished.  Now its remains lie under green mounds, almost forgotten.

This book brings it back to life.  Deciphered from its ancient medieval charters are the tales of people such as Juliana Cospatric and Ranulph de Merlay who passed on Juliana’s marriage dowry to the monks; the shepherds who took the wool-producing flocks to the hills; the carters who brought the salt from Cambois and Blyth; and the people of Morpeth, Mitford and other towns who gave their pennies to keep the lights burning at the tomb of St Robert.  They all take their place in the pageant of Newminster, until the end came with the dissolution of the abbey by Henry Vlll in 1537.

"...the story of Newminster Abbey remains an enthralling one, nearly 500 years after its demise at the hands of Henry VIII. That story has now been told...perhaps in more comprehensive detail than ever before."

Ian Leech, Editor, Inside Morpeth

Illustrations by Victor Ambrus, the UK’s most beloved historical artist, who died in February 2021.


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